In this day and age everyone wants to send out an email as soon as something is wrong. I think it’s time for some positive feedback. You
currently have a Job Forman on my project J.A Finance Park that deserves a bit of recognition.

Allan has proven himself to be an asset to your company. He has shown not only attention to detail but has the drive to get the task done not only quickly as possible but also with the end result showing the quality that is expected. His experience, attention to detail, and leadership of your crews her on site has so far been exemplary. I can say that if I had another detailed project in the future I would recommend and trust him to give a quality product. He not only has passed every inspection so far but the Iron workers here on site said that everything has fit together very well. You know if the iron workers can’t find something to complain about then your man did his job. I just wanted to take a little time for recognition of Allan’s efforts.

In Closing,
I look forward to completing this project and working with him and your company on the next one.
Thank You”

– Tim Lee

“Sonny and Maryann,

Hell0, I have been thinking of writing to you for a while. The building process is slowly moving ahead. We can see light at the end of this long construction journey.

But I wanted to tell you that I have been very impressed by a number of your employees.

Chuck Rae is fantastic. He has helped in many ways. He has made suggestions to Avon builders that have been excellent. Chuck is professional and able to explain things very well to me and to the builder.

Alan (I don’t know his last name) I have recently interacted with him. He asks the right questions. He seeks to be very exact his work and about the site design. If there is vagueness about the site plans, we will call
the engineer. He wants to get it right. Recently, we had to get the site engineer and builder on the site because of an elevation discrepancy that Alan discovered. I really appreciate Alan.

Both of these men are very professional. I have enjoyed interacting with them. Their work has been excellent.

– David Dunlap

“Ervin Bishop Construction Inc.,

On behalf of the agriscience and aquaculture students at Crystal Lake Middle School I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation. On April 28th we toured the Florida Bass Conservatory learned about the outstanding work in aquaculture that is being done there. We were all amazed at how important the work being done there is to Florida. We would not have been able to take this trip without your support. Some of the money will also be used to make sure our fish are kept healthy and to support our trip to Orlando in June where four of our FFA teams will be receiving state recognition.

Thank you.”

– Patrick Norris


Please accept this letter as another “thank you” to you and your firm for another successful project. Not only have we worked together successfully over the last ten years, our most recent project together, the Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza, was another great project.

You and your team took the extremely tight schedule and worked closely with our team to complete the LINAC and TOMO vaults in a very short time. Even with the accelerated schedule, you consistently observed safe practices, and the quality of your work and the attention to detail is exactly what we look for in partnering with successful subcontractors. Your price was fair and your team’s attitude and willingness to be part of the project made this a wonderful experience.

Sonny, I wish you and your firm continued success and feel confident that future will include more projects with Skanska.”

– Denise Muth

“We wanted to congratulate your company and team for the job you guys did at Busch Gardens, Project Teel.

Great quality and great speed. We would like to work with you again in the future.


– Santiago Valencia